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Vendors' copyright terms of use

This gives you information on copyright terms of use for databases and eresources

Vendors' copyright terms of use


This guide explains how content from various databases can be used by printing or downloading and in Moodle.  It is organised by vendor.

From the database link in the Databases A-Z list, you will see the name of the vendor in the database name,  Click on the CA icon beside this database name to be directed to the appropriate vendor on this page. 

For each vendor we have quoted their terms/conditions of use regarding copying. Within each vendor entry teh following questions are answered:

  1. Can I link from Moodle to the Database? 
  2. Can I make multiple print copies of content within this database such as journal articles or images? 
  3. Can I put a digital copy of content within this database on Moodle or other course related system requiring student login?
  4. Is Inter-library loan permitted?

The database vendors listed here contain full-text access to e-journal articles, e-books, legislation and standards.  Index-only databases are not included in this list.

For more information about ebooks, refer to our LibGuide about ebooks

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