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Vendors' copyright terms of use

This gives you information on copyright terms of use for databases and eresources

Sage e-journals

  1. Can I make multiple copies of articles from this database?
  2. Can I link the URL of an article in Moodle?
    Yes you can put the URL link on Moodle to allow students to access the database.
  3. Can I put a copy of a PDF on Moodle?


Authorized users may “make single printed or electronic copies of small amounts of the Material for your personal use only” “Note: Small amounts of the Material means not more than 10% of any individual book or journal issue contained in the product or not more than 5% of the total product” […] “print copies of the Material for your own private use” […] “may incorporate parts of the SAGE Journals Material in printed course packs and electronic reserve collections for the use of Authorised Users in the course of instruction at the Licensee's institution... Each such item shall carry appropriate acknowledgement of the source, listing title and author of the extract, title and author of the work, and the publisher. Copies of such items shall be deleted by the Licensee when they are no longer used for such purpose"

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