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Vendors' copyright terms of use

This gives you information on copyright terms of use for databases and eresources

Vendors' copyright terms of use

Wolters Kluwer - CCH intelliconnect, Ovid Lippincott and JBI

  1. Can I link from Moodle to the Database? 
    Yes you can put a URL link to the Database on Moodle to allow students to access the content.
  2. Can I make multiple print copies of content within this database such as journal articles or images? 
    Yes for CCH within scope of the Copyright Act 1994, For Ovid No unless you have the Vendor's permission
  3. Can I put a digital copy of content within this database on Moodle or other course related system requiring student login?
    Yes for CCH within the scope of the Copyright Act 1994, No for Ovid Lippincott and JBI 
  4. Inter-library loan permitted?
    Yes except for JBI


2023 Agreement for the Supply of Online Products with CCH, and 2016 Ovid Master License Agreement, and Ovid (JBI) Terms of Use here and Lippincott License Agreement here:

In particular this part of the 2023 CCH Agreement:

Clause 5.1 (c) the Customer may in respect of the Products and/or Books, do anything permitted under the Copyright Act 1994 without the requirement for a licence or other consent, and which does not infringe copyright in these Products and/or Books

And this part of the 2016 Ovid Agreement:

Clause 1.1.14 “Permitted Use” means the limited purposes for which Authorized Users may use the Products, specifically (i) online use of and access to the Products for internal management, reference, education, research, and training purposes; (ii) using the provided “print” and “save” functionality through the Platform for limited portions of the Products; (iii) for interlibrary (“ILL”) purposes, print data obtained from searches and transmit the printed document through Subscriber’s traditional ILL policies and procedures and in compliance with Section 108 of the United States Copyright Act, and (iv) such other uses as may be set forth or referenced in an applicable Order. The Permitted Use for specific Products may vary, and additional and/or different uses may be permitted if and to the extent specified in the applicable Order. The use of the Products can be incorporated into course packs and e-reserves only through the use of Jumpstarts. For purposes of this Agreement, “Jumpstarts” shall be defined as links from Licensee’s Web pages to virtually any point within an Ovid session.

This information is updated for 2023. Please contact the Copyright Officer for updates from 2024 onwards.